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lady-brains: a digital and IRL club for ambitious and entrepreneurial women who want to make a difference.

As millennials, we're no longer inspired to live and work the traditional 9-5 that was birthed from the industrial revolution.

We feel like the dream that our parents sold us is dead.

Climbing the traditional corporate ladder is no longer the prosperous beacon of accomplishment, security, and prestige that it once was - we're collectively giving the finger to traditional corporate life. We're after something more. And we're turning to entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship to get it.

As we make this shift, we're looking for quality connections, a sense of community and inspiring physical and digital spaces to hang out, swap stories and share ideas.

So, we decided to create just that.

It began with a dinner.

In 2017, we kicked off with a monthly supper club with a hand-selected group of ladies who were currently running their own biz or had ambitions to sometime in the future - and provided them with an IRL space to come together and talk about ideas. big ideas.

Now, it's an ongoing event series. With curated groups, we have great food, good wine, laughs and epiphanies, and make connections and friendships that go beyond the dinner table.

But, we realise that these conversations should be shared with more ladies across Australia and around the world.

And then, a podcast series was born.

This is our way to get super cool conversations into the ears of lady-brains far and wide. Less like an interview and more like a conversation between friends - we sit down over a wine and chat to ambitious, successful and inspiring entrepreneurial women - from the creators of brands like Frank Body and The Daily Edited, to thought leaders like Cleo Wade. You'll get the inside story on how they got to where they are today.

Want in?

a curated group of lady-brains come together to make lasting connections and talk about ideas. big ideas.

listen to inspiring, ambitious and entrepreneurial ladies about what it takes to build a thriving business.