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Caitlin Judd

Caitlin is a business and brand strategist and coach for heart-centred and purpose driven brands and individuals in the wellbeing, positive psychology and female leadership space. As the founder of her own consulting business and co-owner of LADY-BRAINS, Caitlin is extremely passionate about inspiring women to work on purpose and in profit.


Anna Mackenzie

Having spent the last 4 years working in a female-led and female-founded business as the Concept Development Manager at Mecca, Anna is passionate about sharing stories of successful women and hopes that LADY-LAND serves to inspire all young women across Australia to believe their business dreams are possible.


Maeva Heim

In addition to co-hosting LADY-LAND, she works full-time in social media marketing, and is also developing a tech enabled beauty brand that has a focus on ethical supply chain management and cultural diversity in the beauty industry.